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Editorial Guidelines

Editorial Guidelines

Please send us your articles and poems in a word document as an attachment to your email. Include name address and current telephone number and email address with all submissions. Send all articles to jeff@heartlandmedia.com.au

We are looking for articles between 300 – 600 words, 800 – 1500 words depending on the subject. Please include a short bio about the author. Photos can be supplied in any format but will be used at the Editors discretion.

We will also consider publication of artwork that illustrate or illuminate a persons life, business that has been a substantial part of the community, general history story or event theme.

Any article that appeals to an audience will be considered for publication.

Heartland Magazine, Beef Week 2019, Primex 2019, Lismore Gemfest, Advertising NSW Northern Rivers, Casino NSW News, Kyogle News, Lismore News and EventsThe publisher reserves the right to edit content of articles for space considerations spelling and grammar. Upon acceptance of an article for publication, we will send a release form to be signed and returned allowing us to publish the article in any of our publications and reprints.

If photographs are submitted, we will need a signed release from the photographer allowing use of the photograph in this or any other publication of the publisher. Any person whose likeness is in the photo will also need to sign an appropriate release. Photographers will receive photo credit if the photo is used.

If artwork is submitted we will also need a signed release form the artist allowing publication.

The author, photographer or artist will retain the copyright to the article unless specific arrangements are made in writing. No fees will be paid for any submissions for publication unless specific arrangements are made in writing.

All materials should be electronically submitted. If this is not possible materials must be accompanied by appropriate self-addressed return packaging material if return of materials is desired. Materials will not be returned unless return packaging is included and will become the property of the publisher. The publisher is not responsible for damage or loss of any materials submitted for publication.

The following are some suggested ideas for topics that we would consider publishing. It is not exclusive and we encourage you to submit articles that are not listed below.

We all take our memories when we die, this is an opportunity to tell your story, keep it for future generations and your family. No life is boring, even if you think it is, it will be of interest and possibly inspirational to our readers.

We welcome stories from caregiver experiences. How you overcame a challenge, humorous incidents that you want to share, how you and your family members co-operated or didn’t in caring for your loved ones.

We are certain that many people themselves, have developed many of the solutions to our fellow readers challenges. Please share your experiences, tips techniques and wisdom that you have learned in the course of your life.

Businesses all have a history, the products, the environment, management, staff and the clientele. Our readers enjoy reading about the history of businesses that started 100, 50 or 20 years ago, these businesses have been the backbone of the region in so may ways. If you have a story to share with our readers we would love and assist in as many ways as we can.

Information and personal accounts in regards to traveling. These can be in regards to making arrangements so that a reader CAN travel without fear of leaving their loved ones, or traveling with their loved ones. Articles about travel for a day or a week or longer are welcome, all forms of travel, from driving to cruising. Insight about accommodations, tourist attractions, accessibility and pitfalls in both national and international travel are sought.

Any articles, which provide information to assist caregivers with elder loved ones, are welcome. Please remember that although you may be writing from a point of information about a specific disease, illness or condition, offering information in a way that can be generalized to caregivers for persons with other infirmities, is preferable.

A number of our readers are so involved with day-to-day needs; they fail to prepare for future possibilities. Any articles, which speak to the needs of being prepared for eventualities, will be considered.

Life in the country is in many ways different to living in the cities. Sharing your stories of living in country towns and the experiences you have are in many ways of interesting to our readers in cities and towns.

A number of our readers are caring for their spouses and partners. Any illness or change in lifestyle is going to affect a relationship. Articles and stories, which speak to all aspects of this issue, are welcome.

New business can be very challenging in many ways, especially a small town, we welcome all submissions on start up businesses and how they are planning for the future, new technologies used, old ways that can still be used. Some formats of written work do not qualify as “articles,” but still speak to the needs of our readers. We welcome original works, photos,  artwork, short statements of inspiration.

For more information, you can call our office at 81 Walker Street, Casino 2470 on 02 6662 6222 or email jeff@heartlandmedia.com.au

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