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Ballina News Lifting the Lid on our recycling habits

Lifting the Lid on our recycling habits

As part of the ongoing regional Recycle Right campaign, Ballina Council, News Ballina, Ballina Advertising, Lifting the Lid on our recycling habits is introducing a Lift the Lid Audit Program where kerbside recycling and organics bins are visually checked for incorrect items.

“Lift the Lid is designed to provide direct education and feedback to residents who may be confused or require extra assistance to recycle right,” explained Samala Heart, Council’s Waste Education Officer.

“It also allows Council to evaluate the performance of our waste programs and services so we can continue to improve them.”

The Lift the Lid team will be moving across the shire in the coming months. If there is minor contamination, information will be provided to the residence on what the incorrect item is and where it should go instead.

“Badly contaminated bins will also receive information, but they will not be collected. We already use this process for a range of bin challenges such as bins that are too heavy or overflowing, face the wrong direction or if not enough space is provided between bins. For badly contaminated bins, the resident will be required to sort the bin’s contents to remove the contaminating items, and either transport the bin to the Ballina Waste Management Centre or re-present it for the next collection day,” added Ms Heart.
It is important that we all do our bit to recycle right. Too many incorrect items can send an entire truckload of recycling or organics to landfill, which has significant environmental and financial impacts. Residents can help by knowing what goes in each bin and by keeping incorrect items out of recycling and organics bins.

We ask residents to please remove lids smaller than a credit card and rinse bottles, cans and containers before putting them in the recycling bin. Please do not put plastic, biodegradable or degradable bags or items into the recycling or organics bin as they contaminate both waste streams. To find out more:

· Refer to the new kerbside bin stickers and Recycle Right magnet (if they have arrived in your location)
· Head online to ballina.nsw.gov.au/liftthelid
· Contact Council on 1300 864 444.

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