Heartland Magazine Issue 38 February/March Edition

Category: North Coast Primary Health Network

We work alongside community members and health professionals to improve access to well-coordinated quality health care. Our aim is to work together to transform the healthcare system and reduce health inequities.
Our work begins by gaining an understanding of health care needs of the North Coast. This needs assessment involves our community, clinicians and service providers and is available for all to use. We use this information to work with health professionals and community members to find gaps and facilitate local solutions.
We do this by commissioning services – this is a new way of all of us working together to design services that best meet our community’s needs.
Our priorities are
1. Better mental health and emotional well-being
2. Closing the gap in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health
3. Improving our population’s health and well-being
4. Building a highly skilled and capable health workforce
5. Improving the integration of health services through electronic and digital health platforms
6. Improving the health and well-being of older people

Northern NSW a rural health leader amid near record activity

December 11th, 2019
Northern NSW a rural health leader amid near record activity The longest flu season in NSW since the 2009 pandemic was a significant contributor to record numbers of emergency department (ED) presentations across the state, reflected in the latest Bureau of Health Information report. Northern NSW Local Health Distric


September 13th, 2019
HEALTH WARNING AS BUSHFIRE SMOKE BLANKETS NORTH COAST The North Coast Public Health Unit is advising people across the NSW North Coast to protect their health from the impacts of smoke exposure from the numerous large, and some long-burning, bushfires scattered across the region. Director Paul Corben said that the re

Air pollution health alert

August 12th, 2019
Air pollution health alert North Coast Public Health Unit is urging people with heart and respiratory conditions to take caution, with high air pollution levels in some areas of Northern NSW as a result of significant bushfire activity in the region, and in Lismore the fire in green waste piles at the Lismore Recyclin

Go4Fun gives kids an active, healthy start to the year

January 21st, 2019
Go4Fun gives kids an active, healthy start to the year As families start preparing school uniforms and backpacks ready for going back to school, now is a good time to think about how to give kids a positive start to their school year. We all want our kids to be healthy, happy and active, but the common habits

Whooping Cough trending upwards

November 27th, 2018
Whooping Cough trending upwards NSW Health is urging all pregnant women and new parents to be aware of the symptoms of whooping cough and to ensure they and their children are vaccinated on time. Despite almost 95 per cent of infants in NSW now vaccinated against the disease, outbreaks still occur every three to fo

Northern NSW hospitals meeting high demand

September 12th, 2018
Northern NSW hospitals meeting high demand Emergency departments across Northern NSW Local Health District continued to experience high demand throughout 2018, with 428 more presentations to emergency departments across the district in April to June compared to the same period the previous year. Lynne Weir, Acting
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