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Richmond Valley Council Level three water restrictions to start Wednesday for Casino and surrounds

Level three water restrictions to start Wednesday for Casino and surrounds

Level three water restrictions to start Wednesday for Casino and surrounds

WITH persistent drought conditions and falling river levels, level three water restrictions will be imposed from this Wednesday, 13 February, on residents and businesses who receive a town water supply in Casino and surrounds.

Despite recent rainfall, the western half of the Richmond Valley local government area remains officially in drought, while the eastern half is classified as drought affected by the Department of Primary Industries.

Level three water restrictions involve a number of specific restrictions on residents and businesses which are outlined below.

For residents:

· No irrigation permitted.
· Use of buckets any time, or hand-held hoses for a maximum of 10 minutes every second day, outside the hours of 8am and 4pm.
· Households with an even street number can only water on even numbered calendar days, and households with an odd street number can only water on odd calendar days.

For non-residential:

· Public gardens, sports grounds and community facilities may water for one hour every second day outside the hours of 8am and 4pm.
· Schools – hand-held hoses allowed for a total duration of no more than one hour per day.
· Nurseries – sprinklers or hand-held hoses allowed for a total duration of no more than two hours per day.
· Car yards washing motor vehicles may use buckets only.
· Building construction – no restrictions on essential water use
· New turf or landscaping – watering-in permitted, then hand-held hoses one hour a day every second day only outside the hours of 8am and 4pm.
· Paved public areas (including schools) where food is prepared or consumed or for health reasons – hand-held hoses for one hour per day, eating areas for health reasons only.
· Water cartage – no restrictions. Private carriers must be registered, approved filling locations only.

There are no water usage restrictions on industrial businesses such as NCMC, Norco, Holcim and others who require water as part of their essential business activities. Nor are there any restrictions on stock watering.

There are no water restrictions on the Mid Richmond towns of Coraki, Woodburn, Evans Head, Broadwater and Riley’s Hill. Rous County Council supplies the Mid Richmond and has advised via its website that level one water restrictions will be introduced when the water level in Rocky Creek Dam falls below 60 percent. It currently sits at 80 per cent.

Richmond Valley Council’s General Manager Vaughan Macdonald said the drought conditions were continuing to impact the flow of the Richmond River which was Casino’s main source of water.

Mr Macdonald encouraged residents to carefully consider their water use and limit it as much as possible.

He said introducing level three water restrictions was a necessary step to ensure we were preserving our most precious resource during this persistent drought.

“These restrictions place a number of limitations on watering times for residents and businesses and we encourage all water users to be as careful as possible about observing these rules,” Mr Macdonald said

“By adopting these restrictions and conserving water where possible we can help to reduce the strain on our water supply.

“Further information will be communicated when the situation changes.”

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