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WIRES Spring is here – And wildlife need your help

WIRES, Northern Rivers News and Events

Spring is here – And wildlife need your help

Spring is here, and wildlife know it. Birds are nesting, chicks are hatching, reptiles are stirring, small mammals are breeding. WIRES is starting to get busy and they need more volunteers.

Being a wildlife carer is never dull. Every day there are new experiences and new animal encounters. And one of the most satisfying activities of all is to reunite chicks with their families.

This week a little duckling was found alone on the side of the road in Dawson St, Lismore. Sadly, this is an area where ducklings frequently come to grief as they cross the road. Fortunately a passer-by, Allen, noticed the duckling, gathered it up, kept it warm and took it to Lismore Vet Clinic. WIRES was called and one of their rescuers, Julie, transported the duckling back to the area that it came from.

It wasn’t long at all before Julie spotted three adult pairs of Australian Wood Ducks. She knew one would have to be the parents. When the duckling was taken out of the rescue basket it made lots of cheeping noise, and this attracted the attention of one pair of ducks in the water. Julie noticed they had another duckling.

Julie took the little one as close as she could and it wasn’t long before the rescued duckling was in the water with its family. What a wonderful feeling.

WIRES, Northern Rivers News and Events
WIRES | Spring is here – And wildlife need your help

Rescues like this don’t take lots of time and don’t need special facilities. With basic training, provided when you join WIRES, and the support and advice from other specialists, all you need is a passion to help wildlife.

Now is a great time to join WIRES. Their next workshop will be held in Lismore on October 7th and there is time beforehand to complete the online part of the course. For more information about how you can join and contribute call 66281898.

And if you do see a family of ducklings crossing the road please slow down, stop, put your hazard lights on and allow them to cross. It doesn’t take long.

An all-volunteer organisation, WIRES relies heavily on the generosity of caring people for support. All donations $2 and over are tax deductible. Now is also a great time to join WIRES and start learning to be a wildlife rescuer. Our 24-hour hotline is for all rescue, advice or membership calls in the Northern Rivers – call 6628 1898 or go to http://wiresnr.org/Helping.html to find out how you can help.

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